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UPS Installations and Maintenance

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), together with standby generators are very important to companies wishing to protect their IT data centres and server rooms. A power failure, however short can cause major disruption to a business, with lost data and hardware failure.

UPS system and generators should be properly installed and commissioned by qualified electrical engineers to ensure a long and trouble-free working life. We at MG Cavill have many years of experience in designing and installing power systems into data centres and our engineers are all trained in the sector.

Scalable Solutions

Although small, less sophisticated UPS systems, simply plug into a standard mains socket, larger UPS systems (typically over 3kVA) must be professionally installed and commissioned by trained and qualified engineers.

Likewise with larger standby generator systems (typically over 10kVA) also need to be professionally installed and commissioned. It is important that a generator is properly matched with all the other power systems for a continuous power supply to be guaranteed.

MG Cavill's project team will work closely with you, from initial design through to final installation, ensuring your UPS and/or standby generators are installed and commissioned safely, on time and with minimal disruption to your business. We will ensure a full site survey is carried out, including all aspects such as access, space and floor loading requirements. We arrange delivery and installation, including special lifting and crane hire if required. We will also provide all the electrical and mechanical work that is needed.

Our fully trained, highly skilled engineers will then commission and test the complete power protection system. They work in accordance with manufacturers commissioning procedures and to the industry standards, providing the full commissioning certification required for warranty validation.


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