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Case Study 1 - 3.68 kW Domestic PV installation

Solar Installation

Cavills Solar were requested by Mr & Mrs Wade to design a sytem that would produce as much electricity as possible on the roof of their house of Andover. They had a shallow pitched east/west facing roof and wanted a large PV system in order to take full advantage of the feed in tariff (FIT).

After a consultation with Mr & Mrs Wade and a site survey, Cavills Solar recommended the installation of a 3.68 kWh system. This system consisted of 16 solar PV panels connected to a SMA tracking inverter.

Panel installation:

Panel Installation

The Wade's roof faces east/west, and to get the maximum available output from their roof area, it was decided to install 16 x 230w Schott panels, 8 panels to each elevation.

The whole installation is capable of producing 3.68 kWh of generated output.

Mains connection:

Inverter Installation

The Wade's existing mains electrical consumer unit was located in a cupboard under their staircase, so we connected the panel output through a SMA 4000 tl tracking inverter.

This allowed the visual impact of the installation to an absolute minimum.

Return / Savings calculations:

We have calculated that the Wades will receive the following returns / savings:

  • 3.68 kW of panels, will over a calender year, produce an estimated 2800 kW / hours of output. 2800 units produced x 43.3 pence per kiloWatt = £1230 income p.a. (from the FIT or geneartion tariff).
  • 1400 @ 3 pence per kiloWatt = £42 (half of which is assumed to be the amount going back to grid). Savings on their present electrcity bills of £336 p.a.

Therefore the Wades can expect a yearly return of £1608 (this of course is index linked and tax free for 25 years).


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