renewable energy

Expert NICEIC MCS electrical contractors, our team are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of installing renewable energy; from survey to installation and ongoing maintenance where required, our engineers offer an holistic service – getting your renewable energy equipment up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What’s more, our experienced team can provide guidance & advice on any planning permission you may or may not need before installing your Wind Turbines.

wind turbines

MGC Technical Services are authorised Evance installers and resellers, and can supply and install the popular R9000 small wind turbines, that produce all the green energy required for the average domestic property.

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wind speed units

The installation of an anemometer is not a requirement although accurate measurement over a period of one year is the preferred method for determining the actual wind speed in a given location and should always be considered.

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pv solar panels

Our solar panels enable production of clean and efficient electricity, helping reduce both carbon emissions and electricity bills. Solar PV systems operate year-round, and need virtually no maintenance.

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solar heating & flat plate solar panelS

Flat plate collector is the most common type of solar thermal collector; these are primarily used to heat domestic hot water. This is a well-tried and tested technology

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Over 25 years in the mechanical and electrical trade enables us to offer a range of electrical & building services fully guaranteed and certified by our extensive team of highly trained and qualified engineers, specialising in renewable energy resources.