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Having looked after the NAAFI Andover electrical requirements for 10 years, MG Cavill was requested to design and install a server room facility for their back office requirements.

In addition security and backup generator system had to be designed and implemented together with air conditioning and environmental systems.

The company required a robust system which was capable of running without any downtime, even in the event of a complete mains power failure. To achieve this requirement, MG Cavill recommended the installation of a two stage failover uninterrupted power supply system (UPS).

Design and Installation

The first level of protection being the installation of two 50 kVA chloride UPS, providing a reserve of approximately 10 minutes of battery running time.

In the event of prolonged power outage, a second level of protection was supplied by automatic switch-over to a pair of coupled 120 kVA John Deere diesel powered generators.

As it is very important to maintain a stabilised air conditioning system in server rooms to help safeguard against over heating equipment failure and reduce the risk of fire, a efficient and reliable system was required. MG Cavill recommended the installation of a Daiken air conditioning system, controlled and monitored remotely from a central controller.

A raised access floor was installed to provide ease of access to the server cabinets from below, allowing important access to network and power distribution cabling to be installed and maintained whilst providing guaranteed 24 hour uptime of the servers during the installation process.


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