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Thermodynamic Solar Heating

The sun isn’t always out. In winter the days have an average of 7 hours of light with only 3 to 4 hours of sun which constitutes a constraint on the operation of traditional solar panels.

Greenheat Thermodynamic Solar Panels have managed to overcome this constraint, making it possible to raise the temperature of the water with great efficiency and major energy savings on rainy days and even at night.

One of the innovative aspects lies in the fact that an ecological fluid passes through the solar panel at a temperature of -20ºC, thereby allowing the collection of solar energy and greater absorption of atmospheric energy, in other words from the sun, rain and wind, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The ecological liquid which circulates on a closed circuit at negative temperatures collects the heat at the solar panels and then releases it into the water by way of a heat exchanger.

How it Works

How Thermodynamic Solar power works

There are four stages to the process:

1. Aluminium Panels. A special fluid circulates through the aluminium panels where energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature transforming the liquid into a gas.

2. Compressor. The gas is then compressed inside the compressor which causes it to become very hot.

3. Hot Water Cylinder. This hot gas then flows through a heat exchanger inside the water cylinder which in turn heats the water.

4. Expansion Valve. Finally, the gas goes through an expansion
valve and reverts back to a liquid which flows back into the
aluminium panels and the process repeats.

Thermodynamic Sanitary Hot Water

Thermodynamic Sanatary Hot Water Schematic

Thermodynamic systems are ideal for sanitary hot water applications in both domestic and commercial environments. There are cyliners ranging in capacity from 200 litres to 6000 litres.

The panels can be mounted on the roof of your building, an external wall or even in the garden. The number of panels required depends on the volume of water that will be heated.

The system is pressurised so the hot water tank (with control unit and expansion valve) can be placed at any level within the building.


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