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Datasheets for PV Solar Panels

MG Solar supply and install a wide selection of Photo Voltaic Solar Panels. We are not tied to a single manufacturer, so we will always design and install the most suitable panels for each installation site.

If you require the technical data sheets or manufacturer's warranty details, please download the required PDF files below. If the panels you require are not listed below, please contact MG Solar and we will add the documents you require...

Day4 Energy PV Solar Panels

Day 4 Energy logo

Day4 design and manufacture high-performance solar electric modules based on their patented Day4 Electrode technology.

The Day4 Electrode produces modules of high power density, increased lifetime and uncompromised aesthetic appearance.

Part No Power Downloads
60MC-I-225 225W Data Sheet Warranty
60MC-I-230 230W Data Sheet Warranty 
60MC-I-235 235W Data Sheet Warranty 
60MC-I-240 240W Data Sheet Warranty 
60MC-I-245 245W Data Sheet Warranty 

Hyundai PV Solar Panels

Hyundai PV Solar Panels

Hyundai, a brand you can trust, prides itself on development of its black 250W panel . This striking panel, which includes salt mist and ammonia resistance is now available at Segen. As part of Hyundai’s Heavy Industries portfolio, the world’s leading electro systems electrical manufacturer and Korea’s largest green energy provider, you can depend on the 250w’s quality and reliability.

Part No Power Downloads
HiS-S245MG 245W Data Sheet Warranty
HiS-S245MGS 245W Data Sheet Warranty
HiS-S250MG 250W Data Sheet Warranty
HiS-S250MGS 250W Data Sheet Warranty

Mitsubishi PV Solar Panels

Mitsubishi PV Solar Panel logo

Mitsubishi Electric is a global giant, with operations in 35 countries, more than 100,000 employees.

It's involvement with photovoltaics dates back to the 1970's and module production began in the 1990's.

Part No Power Downloads
PV-TJ225GA6 225W Data Sheet Warranty
PV-TJ230GA6 230W Data Sheet Warranty

Romag PV Solar Panels

Romag PV Solar Panel logo

Romag Ltd is a UK manufacturering business based in County Durham and listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange.

Part No Power Downloads
SMT648P-185B 185W Data Sheet Warranty
SMT654P-200B 200W Data Sheet Warranty
SMT660P-225B 225W Data Sheet Warranty
SMT660P-235B 235W Data Sheet Warranty

Sanyo PV Solar Panels

Sanyo PV Solar Panel logo

For more than 30 years Sanyo has been setting standards for the development of new, innovative and high performance photovoltaic products. Sanyo modules are highly efficient and produce more power per square meter than traditional products and therefore you will need fewer modules on your roof to accomplish very high performance.

Part No Power Downloads
HIT-H245E01 245W Data Sheet Warranty
HIT-H250E01 250W Data Sheet Warranty
HIT-N235SE01 235W Data Sheet Warranty
HIT-N240SE01 240W Data Sheet Warranty

SCHOTT PV Solar Panels

SCHOTT PV Solar Panel logo

SCHOTT Solar is a high quality German brand with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of solar energy products and pride themselves in quality products, high energy yield and reliability.

Part No Power Downloads
POLY-225 225W Data Sheet Warranty
POLY-230 230W Data Sheet Warranty
POLY-235 235W Data Sheet Warranty
POLY-240 240W Data Sheet Warranty

Schuco MPE PV Solar Panels

Schuco MPE PV Solar Panel logo

Founded in 1951 in Bielefeld, Germany, Schüco today operates with 5,000 employees and 12,000 partner companies in over 75 countries and is a world leader in aluminimum building products including photovoltaic mounting systems.

Part No Power Downloads
SCH-259647 210W Data Sheet Warranty

Sharp PV Solar Panels

Sharp PV Solar Panel logo

Sharp is one of the world's largest module manufacturers with 50 years of experience in photovoltaics and has its main European factory in Wrexham, North Wales.

The Sharp series of photovoltaic modules are designed for applications with a high power requirement. These monocrystalline and polycrystaline quality modules produce a sustained, reliable yield even under demanding deployment conditions. All Sharp NU series modules offer optimal system integration – both technically and economically – and are suitable for installation in grid-coupled systems.

Part No Power Downloads
NUR245J5 245W Data Sheet Warranty
NUR250J5 250W Data Sheet Warranty


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