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Evacuated Solar Tubes

Evacuated solar tubes (also known simply as solar tubes), are one of the most efficient of solar heating panels. Primarily used in domestic systems for heating of water, they work all year round contributing to a home's heating requirement, utilising the solar energy collected by tubes within roof mounted panels.

Efficient Home Heating

A solar tubes installation will supplement your normal domestic heating and hot water system. After the initial installation investment, your home will run efficiently and cheaply for the next 30 years.

By installing a solar heating system will modernise your home's heating system up to current 'building regulation' standards. In most cases, an efficient installation will save the need to switch on your conventional boiler between March and October, you may even not need to use your boiler as much in the winter and it will dramatically reduce your fuel bills as the need for your boiler to fire up throughout the day will be minimised.

On top of all this, in most cases, planning permission is not needed. So what are you waiting for? Call MG Cavill today on 01264 889710 for a full no obligation survey and detailed quotation.


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