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Door entry panel

Choosing an access control system is an important financial decision for most companies. The cost is of course important, but the system also needs to match your requirements and be completely reliable. 

MG Cavill Technical Services will provide a full survey, provide a comprehensive report and tender a competive price for your Access Control System.

Access control systems play a crucial role in today's world in preventing the unauthorised entry by either pedestrian or vehicle traffic and can easily be controlled by electronic swipe cards or key fobs.

The purpose of access control is to allow only authorised access to a particular area or section of a building or complex via a swipe card or fob access, but will deny access to all those whom have no need or are not authorised to be there.

Access control comes in many forms, from a simple digital keypad, through to swipe cards and proximity tags carried by staff and or employees. for the smaller applications we can install a small access system for a single door or area, right through to larger factory or retail environments.
The Net2 system manufactured by Paxton Access is our recommended product for medium to large systems. This system comes with a host of features can be fully tailored to work around your needs.

Paxton Standalone System:
This type of access control system may be used to control access on one or many independent doors in a building. Access is gained by using a numeric code, or PIN with a keypad, or by presenting proximity or magstripe token, depending on which type of reader is fitted.

Paxton PC Based Access System:
Referred to as "PC based" or "Networked" access control, these systems may be used to control one or many doors in a building. Access is gained by using a numeric code, or PIN with a keypad, by presenting a proximity or magstripe token or by 'possession' with hands free tokens depending on which type of reader is fitted. PC based access control offers central control, via your existing data network.


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